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    • Auxora WDM BOSA Core won the "2021 Infostone Hero List Excellent Quality Award"

      Auxora, a company of TFC, has launched the industry's first core product of single-fiber bidirectional optical components (WDM BOSA Core), using the traditional PON BOSA structure to design a drop in replacement for single-fiber bidirectional 5G WDM transmission applications and other high-speed WDM single-fiber bidirectional transmission systems. Single-fiber bidirectional optical components have the characteristics of high cost performance, high reliability, low loss, high isolation, high directivity, and good temperature stability. It has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad, and the uniqueness and originality of its products are the best witnesses of the company's ingenious brand and technical strength.

    • Auxora will participate in OFC Virtual Exhibition 2021

      From June 6th to June 11th, Auxora will participate in OFC Virtual Exhibition 2021,booth number 1053.

    • Auxora attended the Laser World Photonics China.

      On July 3 to July 5, 2020, Auxora attended the fifteenth Laser World Photonics China in Shanghai, China.

    • Auxora attended ECOC2019

      Auxora attended ECOC2019 at booth 215 in Dublin

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